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"Sex Sitter Class"

40 minutes playing time
Featuring Belle and Melanie

An Adult Baby Boy's Wet Dream

A XXX rated sequel to ourhuge hit: "Baby Sitter Class" movie..

What if there was a baby sitter class that taught liberal minded and motivated baby sitters how to give their adult baby boys that extra "special" attention?

Belle operates such a course. It is one on one with students and she teaches them on a real adult baby boy

Melanie is a little naive but very keen to do this. She has heard it is lots of fun and the extra tips she gets would help her through college.

Just use your imagination on how Belle would teach her students to change a diaper "with extra benefits"

She shows Melanie how to wipe the AB boy's pee pee clean then massage it until it gets rock hard.

It also helps if the baby sitter removes her top and bra and shows the AB boy how to play with her breasts. First Belle strips off guiding the AB boys hand onto her huge, firm tits at then Melanie takes over moving the AB boy's hand on her perky little titties.

Then to lick it clean. First she sucks his cock while Melanie watches and learns then Melanie takes it all in her mouth moving slowly up and down. Then they both lick his rock hard cock sliding their tongues up and down together.

When Melanie asks why cocks get hard, Belle tells her it is for sex and she needs to be prepared to do this with her AB boy clients.

Melanie is very keen so Belle removes her panties and positions her over the AB boy's cock. She holds his cock upright with one hand and lowers Melanie's pussy onto his cock with the other, guiding his rigid shaft easily into Melanie's dripping cunt.

Bell explains if she does it right he will cum. Melanie wants to see that so she fucks him on top. Then they move to doggy style with bisexual Melanie keen to get an A+ eating out Belle's pussy at the same time.

Finally, just as he is getting close he pulls out and they both suck his cock straight from Melanie's pussy until he explodes a gallon of hot cum all over Melamie's young tits.

Belle is so proud of her student. Definitely A+ material
But he still needs to have his new diaper on. Melanie and Belle lay him down again and sprinkle lots of soft baby powder on him. Massaging it into his cock and balls for the longest time. His cock is still firmly erect. Wouldn't yours be?

Then they put a thick, snug, fresh diaper and plastic pants on him to finish the task. His still hard wee wee barely fitting inside the diaper.

Clearly Melanie has passed the course with flying colours. She is looking forward to her first job as a Sex Sitter....
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